Specify what produce you want to sell.

We need to know the specific variety you have to sell, and the quantity. At the time you sign up, we ask your location, and this helps us to match you to the most suitable buyers.

The highest demand is for large quantities, so it's easiest for us to find buyers for offers of around 1000Kg upwards.

We can handle small offers up to large ones of hundreds of thousands of kilograms. We currently deal with the types of produce in the table below.

Tell us the price you want for your produce.

The lower the price you give, the more likely you are to find a seller.

As soon as we find a match, we send you the buyer's details.

Once we have matched you with an interested buyer, we will send you their contact details. We also give the buyer your phone number, so they may contact you directly.

In case you don't receive a match, it may be that your asking price was too high.

SMS interface

As well as using this site, you can find a buyer with SMS. For example, sending SELL ROBUSTA 500 4400 to 8228 will place an offer for 500Kgs of Robusta coffee at 4400 UGX per Kg.

All SMS messages are free to send and receive.

Search For Supported Market Commodities

Supported produce types

Produce Name Units
Robusta coffee kgs
Kanyebwa beans kgs
Nambale beans kgs
Arabica coffee kgs
Yellow beans kgs
Groundnuts kgs
Maize kgs
Watermelon pcs
Pumpkin pcs
Kawula beans kgs
Kankulye beans kgs
Naads beans kgs
White beans kgs
Super rice kgs
Kayiso rice kgs
Sayitoti beans kgs
Wayilimu beans kgs
Cooking bananas bunches
Floury Irish potatoes sacks
Mushroom kgs
Vanilla kgs
Broiler chicken pcs
Ghee kgs
Passion fruits sacks
Simsim kgs
Cassava sacks
Kamenyamigo beans kgs
Cock pcs
Soya kgs
Kakyungwa beans kgs
Green pepper sacks
Colonal coffee kgs
Pakistani rice kgs
Waxy Irish potatoes sacks
Layer chicken pcs
Popcorn kgs
Drinking millet kgs
Pineapple pcs
Cow peas kgs
Ginger kgs
Onions sacks
Potatoes sacks
Eucalyptus pcs
Fish kgs
Cabbage sacks
Hides & Skins kgs
Mixed beans kgs
Eggplant sacks
Tomatoes boxes
Mangoes sacks
Jackfruit pcs
Dry cassava kgs
Eggs trays
Carrots sacks
Goats pcs
Sheep pcs
Millet kgs
Sorghum kgs
Piglets pcs
Pineapple suckers pcs
Cucumber sacks
Avocado sacks
Okra kgs
Sugar cane pcs
Maize flour kgs
Pigs pcs
Moringa sacks
Fresh maize pcs
Yellow passion fruit kgs
Hot pepper kgs
Pigeon peas kgs
Black beans kgs
cotton kgs
green-grams kgs
Sunflower kgs
green-grams kgs